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We are an IT consulting company providing solutions that improve business operations. Our tailored approach is affordable, flexible, innovative, and focused on understanding your business functions and procedures. We support a variety of small to mid-size businesses with infrastructure and software, strategic planning, tactical guidance, implementation, and service maintenance. Domain Technology Group specializes in identifying and eliminating isolated islands of unconnected information to increase our client's bottom line.
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SAP Solutions


Turn real-team insight into big-time results with analytics. Real-time analytics can empower your decision makers from the shop floor to the corner office with real-time, contextual insight. Using business analytics from Domain Consulting Group, Inc. SAP you can exploit the opportunity of big-data by accessing information anywhere, driving greater strategic alignment, adapting to changing market conditions and more accurately predicting business outcomes. 


Put business applications to work and drive innovation across your business – with integrated business software. Innovate without disruption by relying on business applications that help you take advantage of technology advancements – including mobile, in-memory technology, cloud, and more. Empower employees with a user experience designed for different needs and skills, from casual users to experts.

Database and Technology

Zero in on the information you need, when you need it – with our database technology. Whether your challenges are with big data, real-time analytics, or extreme transaction processing, our comprehensive portfolio of database technologies can help you manage your critical data with scalability and unmatched performance. Designed to work seamlessly with SAP, Domain Consulting Group, Inc., and custom applications, our database management systems can drive smarter decision making and operational efficiencies across your organization.


Learn about today's mobile computing trends and challenges – and more importantly, how mobile solutions and strategies from Domain Consulting Group, Inc. and SAP can help make your employees, customers, and partners more efficient.


Manage your people, money, customers, suppliers – even your entire business – in the cloud with the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio on the market. Seamlessly integrate with your on-premise solutions, maximize agility, and eliminate the need for major IT investments.

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Learn how Domain Consulting Group, Inc. can help you use SAP solutions to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
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